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In business, there are two kinds of leaders:

On average they push to the front of the pack and blindly charge toward arbitrary financial targets, expecting clients to fall in step. The more successful leader gets to know her client company and its industry, then scouts the terrain ahead, returning to offer personalized goals via efficient routes. 

At Worksheets we help businesses develop systems and strategies for sustainable, thoughtful  growth.

Each company is unique in its financial and operational personality. It is vital that its procedures and systems support its individual business goals. At Worksheets, we ensure that your company's financial operations are designed to be legally compliant and tailored for competitive growth in your industry.

Ask us how Worksheets Financial can lead your company to better bottom-line results.

Inc. Magazine: Even you can hire a CFO


New Business Consultation

New startup companies have a greater chance of success if they establish sales targets, financing options, operational budgets, and systems for handling payables, receipts, and inventory. We tailor a structure to grow with your new business.

Existing Business Solutions

We can re-engineer your established company's existing accounting and financial structures for better efficiency, healthier budgeting and renewed profits. This can include  comprehensive, full scope accounting and finance services from bookkeeping to cash flow management. We can provide staff who are skilled at the systems and structures we put in place. 

Part-time CFO Services

You may not need any restructuring at all. Your company may be growing by leaps and bounds but simply bottom heavy. As a company grows, its need to look ahead becomes greater and greater, planning and budgeting help you to have control over expansion, R&D, cost vs pricing, and all other aspects of development. We eagerly embrace the opportunity to support a healthy company by offering part-time CFO services.


Worksheets tailors its rate to suit the complexity of the client company. We use a dual process to determine our sliding scale rate:

With each industry having a unique SOP that dictates its complexity we review  your company's operational and financial footprint to determine what the job will require and cost. We negotiate this with you before signing a contract and beginning consultation.

We will also offer an estimate of the scope of work. In other words, we get to know you, your staff, and your financials to determine how much is involved in the transition. Change can be uncomfortable, so it is vital that you and your staff are prepared to take on the challenge of having an outside team "messing with your stuff and telling you how to do your job".

Why We Do It

Worksheets Financial believes that consumers deserve to retain control over the marketplace. The only way we can do this is to maintain the right to choose with whom we do business. Our primary mission is to encourage a diverse marketplace that is not dominated by the generic offerings of mega-corporations. 

The benefits that large corporate suppliers offer the consumer can be offered by smaller businesses that have the know-how to do so. If smaller, local businesses can offer the same level of service and product consistency as the mega-corporations, then consumers will move home. Systems that fully support growth and efficiency offer your organization this opportunity.

Our Caveat

Worksheets Financial prefers to work with companies interested in an ethical and ecological approach to business. Fair and Green is where it's at. We do not dictate green technologies or ethical policies, but we do know how to make them financially advantageous to your organization. So why not? If you feel otherwise, we are probably not the best service for you.

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